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Bed Frame Buying Guide

There’s no doubt the right mattress is vital for good sleep. 92% of people surveyed said a comfy mattress is essential to them. 

The right mattress and frame affect your health, too. An unsupportive mattress and frame can result in lower back pain and stiffness. Your bed frame is as important as the mattress. There are many different kinds of bed frames. Do you know which frame is right for your situation? Should you buy the mattress or frame first? Don’t worry, we put together this bed frame buying guide for you. The guide covers types of frames, decor, and budget. It reveals how to choose and buy the perfect frame for your space.

If you’re having trouble buying a frame, keep reading for lots of useful advice.

Bed Frame Buying Guide

The average person sleeps 8 hours a night or one-third of each day. That equals a third of your life spent sleeping or trying to sleep. Anywhere you spend that much time deserves your close attention. The right bed frame provides proper support. It also extends the life of your mattress. Choosing the right frame is hard because of all the options. Let’s dig into the factors that influence your decision. These include size, material, decor, and budget.

Types of Bed Frames

A bed frame is more than a place to set your mattress. A frame with style can be a focal point. One with bookshelves and drawers adds storage space. Bed frames come in wood, metal, fabric, and leather. Different colors, styles, and finishing methods create endless options. The structure of the frame falls into two categories. Frames are slats or box springs/foundations.


Slats are a series of bars placed across the width of the frame. They form a base to support the mattress. They’re made from strong wood. Pay attention to the distance between the slats. 2.5 inches of space is ideal. The more space between slats, the bigger the chance of wear and tear on the mattress. Slats aren’t visible when the mattress is on top of them. Yet, they are critical to supporting the mattress.

There are two kinds of slats: sprung and solid. Sprung slats (Euro Slats) use curved flexible wood. They often have arch upward. They provide natural bounce so the bed adjusts to your size and weight. Thicker sprung slats create a firmer base. Solid slats are flat. They’re often made of pine. Each slat crosses the width of the bed frame. They’re cheaper than sprung slats but provide firm support.

Solid Slats
Solid Slats
Sprung Slats
Sprung Slats

Box Springs and Foundations

A box spring is a wooden frame that contains springs. It’s covered in cloth to match the mattress. Often people place box springs on the floor without a frame. The lack of air flow can trap moisture inside the box spring. If you choose a box spring place it on a frame or legs so it isn’t touching the floor. A foundation is like a box spring but has wooden slats under the fabric. Box springs and foundations provide more shock absorption, but less mattress support.

Available Space

If you already have a mattress then choosing the frame is easy. A full-size mattress needs a double bed frame. A queen size mattress uses a queen size frame. If you have a king size mattress determine if it’s a California king or an eastern king. They’re different.

Are you buying an entire bed set? Weigh the amount of space against the bed size that’s most comfortable for you. Measure the size of the room. You want the bed to be a focal point, but not overpower the space. Use tape to outline the bed frame on the floor. Do you have enough room to walk around the bed? Does it make the room feel cramped? Consider other furniture in the room. Are you adding a TV, vanity, dresser, desk? Use a metal frame under the box spring, or a platform bed if space is tight. You can buy a frame with built-in storage and remove another piece of furniture.

Match the Frame to Your Decor

Picking the right size is easy. Color, material, and style options can overwhelm you. Start by determining the look you want. Is the bed the focal point? If so, it affects the size and style choices.  The first step is to consider the bedroom’s interior design. You want a frame that compliments the entire space. Choose a wood, leather or metal bed frame based on your personal decor preferences. Buy a complete bedroom set to guarantee all your furniture matches.


Do you want a warm, cozy mood? Wooden frames are a traditional way to convey comfort. Wood color, texture, and finish make every bed unique. The most common wooden frames are oak, mahogany, walnut, maple, and pine. Each wood has its own personality. A mahogany bed frame is classic. Pine frames exude a country vibe. Wood bed frames range from intricate to simple.

Wood Bed
Wood Bed


If you want a modern minimalist look, try a metal frame. A streamlined metal frame is cool and contemporary. But, a wrought iron or brass bed sets a traditional mood. Metal frames are durable. Proper care keeps the metal looking new for many years.

Metal Bed Frame
Metal Bed Frame


Leather bed frames offer consumers a look of luxury. You can buy genuine or faux leather frames. Leather frames come in colors ranging from beige to black to red. The leather wraps around a hardwood frame. Leather bed frames are most often platform or sleigh styles. Be prepared to maintain your leather frame. It requires special cleaning products to keep the leather in good condition. After you decide on the decor, you still must decide on the style. Look at different frame models. Some choices are sleigh beds, upholstered frames, wrought-iron, and brass.

Faux Leather Bed Frame
Faux Leather Bed Frame

Frame Style Choices

Next, let’s look at frame styles. We cover the six most popular bed frames below. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of each one.

Platform Bed

What began as a solution to small spaces and tight budgets is now one of the most popular frame styles. The platform bed is a simple design. It’s less expensive since you don’t need a box spring or foundation. It works with any type of mattress (even foam) because it offers solid support. A platform mattress is a good choice if you don’t have much space. The streamlined design takes up less floor space. Some models offer interior storage which can reduce bedroom clutter.

It’s important to note that platform beds are lower to the ground than traditional models. If you have physical issues, like a bad back, it may be hard to get in and out of bed. The mattress on a platform bed is on a solid platform or wooden slats. It creates a firm bed which may not be as comfortable for side sleepers. The clean look of a platform bed works well in an open floor plan. Its industrial vibe matches the mood in urban lofts and apartments.

Platform Bed Frame
Platform Bed Frame

Upholstered Bed

If you want the look of luxury, try an upholstered bed with cushioned support. The soft headboard is perfect for reading or watching TV in bed. It’s easy to match your bedroom since the materials come in many colors, textures, and patterns. Fabric is less durable than wood or metal, so expect dents, impressions, and dirt to develop. It’s important to spot clean and vacuum an upholstered bed to keep it fresh. Allergy suffers should avoid an upholstered bed. Dust and pet hair may accumulate in the fabric.

When choosing an upholstered bed make sure the frame is sturdy wood. Choose a durable fabric. Consider darker colors like navy, gray, or aubergine to hide dirt and stains. An upholstered bed adds comfort and style to any bedroom. They look great in a master bedroom as well as a guest room.

Upholstered Bed Frame
Upholstered Bed Frame

Storage Bed

Some bed frames include built-in storage. A frame with bookshelves or drawers helps you maximize your storage options. This design is perfect for small spaces that can’t handle wardrobes or dressers. A bed with storage built into the base provides a solid, flat surface and plenty of storage in a compact space. It also stops dust bunnies under your bed.A built-in bookcase or side tables reduces the need for other furniture. That’s a benefit for homes with limited storage.

Storage beds are heavy and awkward to move. Plan your location so you won’t need to rearrange the furniture. They also cost more than a standard bed. Consider that it may be difficult to repair drawer tracks or rollers under the bed.

Storage Bed Frame
Storage Bed Frame

Sleigh Bed

sleigh bed looks like an old fashioned sleigh. It has a high headboard and footboard. It works in many style situations. A sleigh bed is a definite focal point. Choose one made of solid wood or an upholstered version to make a statement. This bed style invites you to curl up and sleep. The high head and foot boards surround you in a cozy fashion.

Consider the limited leg room. A sleigh bed might not be comfortable for a tall person who wants to stretch their legs. A solid wood sleigh bed is heavy. Upholstered versions are lighter, but still difficult to move around. Expect to pay more for a sleigh bed because of the intricate construction and design. Choose one with a solid wood frame rather than metal for added strength.

A sleigh bed looks fantastic in a classic, modern or loft setting. Rooms with wood beams or intricate molding are the perfect backdrop for a sleigh bed.

Sleigh Bed Frame
Sleigh Bed Frame

Canopy Bed

A canopy is a four-poster bed. It’s the ultimate bed-as-statement-piece frame. A canopy bed is larger and taller than other frames. Modern streamlined designs and materials are replacing traditional models. Newer models fit in smaller spaces but still need high ceilings. The canopy over the bed makes it feel cozy and intimate. Some canopy beds have a built-in headboard you can match to other furniture. Dust tends to gather on top of the canopy, so plan to clean it often.

Canopy beds often need assembly and reassembly to move them in or out of a bedroom. A canopy bed is well-suited to the high ceilings and open spaces found in a loft. It creates an intimate area in a spacious room.

Canopy Bed Frame
Canopy Bed Frame

Wrought-Iron Bed Frame

The strength of wrought-iron outlasts most other bed frame designs. The metal doesn’t warp or fade. It doesn’t need extra care as wood, leather or upholstered frames do. A wrought-iron bed frame can handle a lot of weight. Yet, they’re easy to move since metal is lighter than solid wood.

Wrought-iron doesn’t offer as much versatility as other frames. But, you can paint the metal to add color and match your decor. A wrought-iron bed can be expensive, but it should last for many years.

Choose a metal frame if you like a bohemian look. Dress it in luxurious bedding for an elegant look. A metal frame is durable and low-maintenance. It’s perfect for guest and kids rooms. A metal daybed is a good option for a room that’s used for more than sleeping.

Wrought Iron Bed Frame
Wrought Iron Bed Frame

Bed Height

Along with style and size, think about the height of the bed. Bed frame heights aren’t standard. If you want a dramatic focal point, choose a canopy or four-poster bed frame. Measure the ceiling height before you commit. A tall bed needs a high ceiling or the room feels cramped and claustrophobic. This is true even in a large space.

Measure everything if you buy a bulky bed with a large headboard or built-in bookshelves. You may need to break down and reassemble the frame to get it in place. Make sure the frame you choose fits through the bedroom door.

Do you want to jump or climb into bed each night? Consider factors like age, height, weight, and health issues when buying the frame. The bed frame raises the mattress height. Add the height of the frame to the thickness of the mattress. Does it equal a bed height you can get in and out of with ease? The ideal bed height lets you put your feet on the ground while seated on the bed. Test this by sitting on the edge of the bed. If your knees are higher than your hips the bed is too low. When your knees and hips are equal it’s the right bed height for you.

Ready to Buy Your Bed Frame?

After reading this bed frame buying guide you should know what’s available. And, you understand what facts to consider before you buy. If you have more questions or are ready to buy, contact Affordable Home Furniture. We’ll help you find the perfect bed frame for your 

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